M. David Lutz
Just for Laughs
"Writing is easy . . . Writing Good Ain't"

Thanksgiving Day At My House   
by M. David Lutz on 18 September 2007  
© All rights reserved

Thanksgiving Day is that special time      
When giving the bird isn’t a crime 

We’ve got a turkey and a fruit cake 
Which is my Uncle Jim and my Aunt Kate                    

Grandpa Jones drinks too much wine
Passing out before dinner time  

Men and boys watch the football game 
Women cook, gossip and complain  

I haven’t eaten all day long          
My stomach thinks that’s just plain wrong

It won’t be ready in time for lunch  
I’ll die soon without something to munch  

Food in the kitchen that’s what I seek               
I opened the door to take a peek  

My intrusion was swiftly greeted    
By mother’s threats so I retreated

Due to this imposed deprivation   
No doubt I’ll succumb to starvation     

A morsel a crumb, how much longer   
If I don’t eat soon I’m a goner   

“Dinner’s ready” announces my mother  
Just in time or I’d eaten my brother   

With eyes closed, and heads bowed in blessing   
I stuff my mouth with some cornbread dressing  

Plates and bowls start moving everywhere 
I grab a leg while one is still there 

Thanksgiving Holiday is hard to beat 
With leftovers left over for us to eat.  

“This is the way we should always dine!” 
Mom said, “No way, quick pass me the wine!”

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