I am Mark David, I have attended numerous English classes and creative writing courses, and eventually I am hoping to pass one of them.  In the meantime, I am working very hard on learning to write, then I plan to learn how to read and if I’m still alive I will figure out how to spell.  Recently I was told that my submission showed a great deal of imagination and creativity.  Unfortunately, that was the IRS Auditor reviewing my tax return.   
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M. David Lutz
Just for Laughs
"Writing is easy . . . Writing Good Ain't"
Just for Laughs

"Writing is Easy. . . Finding the Time is Impossible"

Writing is just like golf, ninety percent is ‘mental,’ the other ten percent is in your mind. That is how I feel when it comes to writing. There is the urge and there is desire, but since I have to make an honest living, it can at times be demanding, adding all the other daily demands of life and family it can leave you physically, emotionally, and mentally depleted. While I don’t suffer from writers’ block, I mainly find I’m blocked by a feeling I would describe as a nagging guilt that when I would sit down to write, my mind keeps turning to other things I should be doing. In other words, writing is for when there is absolutely nothing else I need to do but that list never seems to run out.  

There are times though, in between meetings or waiting room, to pass the time, I find I can launch into writing and am surprised sometimes at what can be produced in just a little time. That I find especially gratifying. There also comes a time when too many ideas have built up and the urge to write too powerful and I just sit down and write. It is like I am driven and stay at it until I’ve exhausted all the ready ideas. 

I say all this as a way of explanation as to why it has been over a year, almost to the day that I had not posted any new material on the Web site. It wasn’t until the other day when one of my readers, or should I say, my one reader, said that they had been checking my site routinely to see if I’d added anything new. I’d like them to think that the reason I am posting now is because of them, and I suppose in a way that is true, but for the most part it is the idea that I’ve come to realize that if you don’t sit down and write, it isn’t going to get done. So like anything else, if a writer is going to be a writer, than a writer must write, whether they ‘feel’ like it or not. Maybe that is not profound, but I think you get the point. And I would suppose that ‘real writers’ like ‘real athletes’ develop the ability and stamina to do what’s needed to succeed through practice and training. So while you might find this article boring, hopefully the rest of the web-site has something that will amuse you. 

And since I do all the typing and proofreading, and posting for my older cousin Grizzly Gus, he was heard to exclaim, “bout time you got off you lazy behind and got back to work,” or words to that effect, that I can’t print. 

While I intend to do better with more regular postings, I still have other things I must also do on a daily or monthly basis, like eating, sleeping, bathing, etc. so, there may be times when new posting are delayed.

  May it be a better and brighter New Year for us all

  M. David