M. David Lutz
Just for Laughs
"Writing is easy . . . Writing Good Ain't"
The Turtle (Verse)
By: Haun on October 2, 2007.  © 
All rights reserved

A rabbit on the run, no doubt,
leaves dust and smoke when moving out
but not our pokey pal the tortoise,
epitomizing rigor mortis.
Called upon to activate?
The turtle'd simply rather wait,
embarked upon a long career
of living life in neutral gear.
Turtles never race, you know.
The reason is they're too darn slow.
A standard turtle race, I hear,
would take about a half a year.
Time would not be worth investing
watching herds of turtles resting,
finding six months down the road
construction caused the race be slowed
or find the one on which you'd bet
hadn't even started yet.
When asked about philosophy
or what ideal life should be,
turtles strongly advocate:
less of sooner, more of late.

The Humbug  (Verse)
© Richard Haun, All rights reserved

There is a sort of thing that some
have come to call the 'Bug of Hum'
which one is apt to say to you
when one dislikes your point of view.
It's such a handy verbal tool
for those who love to ridicule
what you believe, and I suppose,
ideas and plans you may propose
or any other ones you state
when "HUMBUG!" cancels all debate.
Like many sorts of bugs and things,
without a doubt, it hurts and stings.

Leonardo (Clerihew) - All 2 Silly
Written Apr 24, 2011 © Richard Haun, All rights reserved

Leonardo from Rome
says, if he's not home,
 he'll be painting a smile
on some girl for a while.

Wright Brothers (Clerihew) - All 2 Silly
Written Feb 16, 2011 © Richard Haun, 
All rights reserved

Brothers Will & Orville Wright
made the 1st successful flight
which had no airline boarding tax
or movies or the peanut snacks.
the Octopus - All 2 Silly
Written Jan 12, 2011© Richard Haun, All rights reserved

"Octo", which in Greek means 8, 
"pus" for feet which operate
a rapid transportation mode
to move the upper portion load
allowing it to scoot away
if out of fear or after prey
and thereby subsequently race
from here to there and place to place- 
When there comes the need to spurt,
it's done with just an inky squirt.

the Sparrow - All 2 Silly
Written Feb 17, 2011© Richard Haun, All rights reserved

Sparrows sitting in the shrub,
searching here and there for grub,
hunting all about the ground
for any morsels to be found,
gathered in ubiquity
upon the branches of a tree.
Hopping here and there amid
the grass and leaves for bits of tid
to serve him well as camouflage
and let the unseen Sparrow dodge
the sparrow-hungry cat or owl
foraging and on the prowl.
Blue Jays are a vibrant blue,
the Cardinal a reddish hue.
Finches are a pretty yellow-
but dingy is our little fellow.
What's the lowly sparrow got?
Bottom of the color pot!
Colors that have little worth-
the dingy colors of the earth.
Unlike others well bedecked,
Sparrows don't get no respect.

It is Necessary to Understand... - All 2 Silly
Written Apr 8, 2011© Richard Haun, All rights reserved

It is necessary to understand
the drawing of a circle:
  Diameter, radius, area,
  π r2. The mind
is such a handy place for facts.
Galileo, here
sit down a while and
tell me,
is it really,
so important to make observations 
of the moon eternally
waxing and waning in the pond?
My mother
scarcely knew her age when
she was led to the grave, like so-
by 6 weeping men,
her elegantly long, thin disinterested
appropriately clutching the bouquet...
My father made grand flourishes and circles in the air
with his great cigar
  We non-exist two times,
  he said,
  to once.
  The darkness is
  supposed to be that way, you
  It is a mystery how
  the flesh is made.
 These amber-colored molecules of tears
are capable
of so much grief like
slanted winter rain
constantly falling perpendicular
to the rooves of tin.