The Princess and the Plumber Series by M. David Lutz
M. David Lutz
Just for Laughs
"Writing is easy . . . Writing Good Ain't"
~M. David Lutz
THE PRINCESS AND THE PLUMBER in Beast to Beauty, Volumes 1 & 2

Tundra has a problem. As a princess, she is under pressure from her parents, the King and Queen of Parking-Lot, to wed. Unfortunately, she happens to be the largest and ugliest girl in the land. She meets Olaf, a huge oaf, who becomes her friend. Her father, out of desperation enlists the help of his mediocre magician to come up with a solution. A beauty potion fails miserably putting Tundra in a deep sleep like sleeping beauty, except with none of the beauty. Each day she wastes away while the king's bumbling knights journey to a land far away to find a cure. The question is, 'Will they be successful and return in time?' The knights do not realize that Olaf has been secretly sent by the queen to ensure the mission will succeed. They face crazy dangers and challenges. Read how things turn out, not your usual fairy tale, this one is for grown ups. This tale pokes fun at anyone and has its serious and touching moments as well as humorous ones.

Princess Tundra having recovered from a near fatal beauty remedy, soon discovers there are worse things then being ugly. She becomes the target of an evil vixen determined to do her in. Her father, King Public Parking turns to colorful characters in his kingdom to help him uncover who is trying to kill his daughter. As the danger mounts, everyone becomes more desperate to find out who is behind the vicious attacks. Narrowly escaping several attempts, Tundra's luck will run out if she is not saved in time by an unknown hero. This tale continues to tell of the special relationship between the princess and the plumber, as they face the trials and tribulations together. Unlike a 'Grim' fairy tale, this is sure to bring a few grins as well as a tear or two.

PLEASE….buy a book or two and read it, or just buy the book. Help out a starving writer. Okay maybe I’m not starving, but I sure could go for a pizza right about now. 
You'll laugh till your sides hurt with the hilarious trilogy 
he Princess and the Plumber Series!


"A great fun read that also has a high level of intellectual humor! More than held my attention" - Jake Smith 

"For starters I definitely enjoyed reading the story front to back. The comical names of the knights, the clever rhymes and anecdotes with every paragraph, and the plot in general were more than enough to keep me interested in reading. As I read, it was easy to let my imagination take the words from the book and paint a very comical live action medieval movie in my head. This of course made it that much more entertaining to read." ~Karen Cummings

​"I laughed out loud. At first I thought this seemed like a silly series of books, but once I got into it, it is high level humor and great fun!" ~Jerry J.

"As far as your book goes sir..loved it! I couldn't put it down, once, of course, I finally could snag the book from Jake. I am not much of one to read a book because I want to as oppose to I have to (school, work, etc.) But I never thought in my young life I would ever catch myself saying the words, 'I know it's Friday night guys and I would love to go to the bar for a drink but I finally have some free time and I have this book I really want to finish'! Trust me I got old man jokes left and right in the process of reading your book." 

"I really enjoyed how it was a fantasy story that can be easily related to modern times. I will admit there were a few words in there a bit to big for me so I had to look up the definitions before I could continue. Great job in painting the picture for each scene and description of the characters and their thoughts. When asked what kind of book I was reading to those who do not know me or my family's humor I simply tell them clever, witty, sarcastic, subliminal, dirty." ~Joseph Smith


As the author of The Princess and the Plumber series, I would say is most definitely a labor of love. Initially, when I seriously turned to writing I joined a 'writer's forum' where you write and read others' works and earn points all meant to give your writing exposure. A writer could put up points and sponsor a contest. Up until this time most all of my writings were first person narratives, andwhen I read that a contest was calling for a story about, 'twenty kingdoms, dripping crystal things, sulking dragons, and evil villains ripping bodices off of helpless women,' I simply incorporated that into my introduction and started writing until I had reached a thousand words and waited for it to be judged.  
After two months went by I decided that this story was special and took it down and put it away for later. That was in 2005. Then in 2011, I re-read the story and had such an interest in the characters, I expended the story to 8,000 words and thought it was finished. It was a year later that I felt driven to 'tell' the story of The Princess and the Plumber and its two star-crossed lovers and turned to completing my first book of the series. I have been asked why the book was only 135 pages. My answer is that I didn't have the strength to write a 136! 

The work is best described as a sophisticated satirical treatment of a fairytale for grown-ups with enough adolescent humor with veiled innuendos of language and behavior to make it readable by the more vulnerable. It is a romp of the imagination of what things could have been like back then and to follow the Princess and Plumber through to the end. To quote one of the characters, Jonathan, one of those knights in white satin, as Olaf, as he was about to face a fire-breathing dragon, "... I can't resist a good love story, my friend, so I will have to go with you to see how this will end.

M. (Mark) David Lutz is a perspiring writer, specializing in comedy and satire. He started seriously writing humorous short stories and articles over ten years ago, and has published a number of articles until he turned his attention to writing a book series. Additionally, he recently finished assisting a friend and fellow writer in the publication of his first book. Mark has been continuously employed with the Government for over thirty years in various capacities, traveling around the world, and lived overseas for fifteen years. Now married and settled down in the Deep South, he divides his time between writing and a daughter still in grade school. He is active in the community with civic and social events and looks forwarded to retirement when he can write full time.