A Tail of Darkness  
by M. David Lutz on  September 10, 2007  
© All rights reserved

Have I awaken in the middle of the night? 
If it is morning, what has happened to the light?

Darkness is all around me, my eyes cannot see        
Heart filling with fear urging me to run and flee                

Unable to rise, something pressing on my chest                   
Fighting for air, must struggle for each little breath                       

Last night laying down in my bed as I always do                      
There were no signs, no warning, not even a clue                          

What further torment and tortures must I await?  
helpless and trapped, unable to make an escape                                 

Surely the worst experience, I’ve ever known                           
Is there anyone who can hear my smothered moans                  

How long will I languish in this dark unknown hell                   
it’s as if I’d been cast into a bottomless well                                    

It is certain that I’m not feeling very well                           
Has my body expired and begun to smell?

What invaded my room, across the flood did tread  
Callously, cruelly choosing to nest on my head      

My heart is now racing and my mind is blurry  
What’s on top of me feels rather warm and furry       

Suddenly it’s clear to see what has taken place   
That STUPID dog of mine, is sitting on my face!  

M. David Lutz
Just for Laughs
"Writing is easy . . . Writing Good Ain't"