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Tundra has a problem. As a princess, she is under pressure from her parents, the King and Queen of Parking-Lot, to wed. Unfortunately, she happens to be the largest and ugliest girl in the land. She meets Olaf, a huge oaf, who becomes her friend. Her father, out of desperation enlists the help of his mediocre magician to come up with a solution. A beauty potion fails miserably putting Tundra in a deep sleep like sleeping beauty, except with none of the beauty. Each day she wastes away while the king's bumbling knights journey to a land far away to find a cure. The question is, 'Will they be successful and return in time?' The knights do not realize that Olaf has been secretly sent by the queen to ensure the mission will succeed. They face crazy dangers and challenges. Read how things turn out, not your usual fairy tale, this one is for grown ups. This tale pokes fun at anyone and has its serious and touching moments as well as humorous ones.

Princess Tundra having recovered from a near fatal beauty remedy, soon discovers there are worse things then being ugly. She becomes the target of an evil vixen determined to do her in. Her father, King Public Parking turns to colorful characters in his kingdom to help him uncover who is trying to kill his daughter. As the danger mounts, everyone becomes more desperate to find out who is behind the vicious attacks. Narrowly escaping several attempts, Tundra's luck will run out if she is not saved in time by an unknown hero. This tale continues to tell of the special relationship between the princess and the plumber, as they face the trials and tribulations together. Unlike a 'Grim' fairy tale, this is sure to bring a few grins as well as a tear or two.

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You'll laugh till your sides hurt with the hilarious series -  
The Princess and the Plumber!

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